Plant Native

Whether you want to attract pollinators for your vegetables, or enjoy watching the birds, there are endless reasons to plant native perennials, shrubs, and trees in you garden. Native plants are adapted to your area and support a broad host of wildlife with food and shelter. Below is a list of native alternatives to common invasive plants. Check your state department of conservation website for more information on native and invasive plants.

Invasive plant

Native alternative

Native plant features

Burning Bush (Winged euonymus)

Virginia sweetspire

white blooms in spring, fiery red fall color

Japanese honeysuckle

Coral honeysuckle

Much more restrained, profuse red blooms

Japanese barberry


Interesting foliage colors, exfoliating bark


Eastern redbud

Purple-pink blooms smother the branches before leafing out

Oriental bittersweet

Carolina Jessamine

Fragrant yellow flowers in fall

Autumn olive


Fragrant frilly red or yellow blooms; shade tolerant

Chinese privet

Red buckeye

Red bottlebrush/conical flowers; shade tolerant

Norway maple

Red maple, sugar maple

Outstanding fall color; heat/cold tolerant

English Ivy

Virginia creeper

Glossy green leaves, stunning fall color like that of red maples



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