Thinking outside the Knockout

Roses are red, violets are blue; Knockouts are nice, but others are too!

I’ll stop there before I make you cringe any further with my lame attempt at poetry.

You see them just about everywhere now…the ubiquitous red Knockout rose. And for good reason. They are disease resistant, hardy, and bloom prolifically from spring through early fall. And they come in multiple colors (red, pink, white, yellow, to name a few), and single or double blooms. And I don’t mean to “knock” on the Knockouts, but as with any popular plant, I always advocate for the use of a variety of cultivars. And there are still many great shrub roses out there with the same carefree nature as the Knockouts. Case in point, I just planted this beauty last week, in a wine barrel.

Photo Oct 23, 4 10 02 PM

Photo Oct 23, 4 09 37 PM

This rose is a compact, dwarf variety called Suntory Sunrosa™ Red. It stays on the small side, not getting much bigger than 1 foot tall by 2 feet wide. The blooms are smaller than the Knockouts but color is a true red and the flowers have a Carnation appearance to them. Additionally, they are super disease resistant and easy to grow, requiring less pruning than the Knockouts to maintain a nice shape and size. And like the Knockouts, this rose also comes in yellow and pink!

Another series of shrub rose I’m fond of is the Oso Easy™ collection from Proven Winners. These roses come in a wider array of colors/flower shapes and growth habit than the Knockouts, but with the same easygoing nature.

And lastly, another favorite of mine is the Carefree™ Wonder Rose. This shrub rose boasts large, double pink (and lightly fragrant!) blooms on a disease resistant plant that gets a little bigger than the first two roses I mentioned.


My bad poetry aside, hopefully I gave you some ideas and inspiration to try some new roses in you garden this fall and next spring!

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