Garden goals met, still more to achieve in 2016

Happy New Years! I hope everyone’s holidays were filled with fun with family and friends (and hopefully Santa brought you some gardening goodies as well!). My wife and I are fortunate that all of our immediate family are here in Virginia, so we were able to visit with all sides of the clan. And of course, there was WAY too much good food…thanks in large part to my talented baker/cook of a wife! Unfortunately it’s been hard to work off all that food via garden work since we’ve been stuck in a non-stop rainy pattern for what seems like a month and a half. Just in the last week alone, we received about 3 inches of rain. If not for the sandy soil where I live, the yard would be a swamp at this point, and Taxodium distichtum (bald cypress) would start popping up like mushrooms.

Looking back on 2015, it was a much more productive year in the garden and overall, I feel pretty good about what I accomplished. We enjoyed a teriffic harvest of zucchini, cuccumbers, okra, and tomatoes (managed to keep on top of the squash bugs, and put up a small fence that somehow kept the deer out), and I gave weeds the boot in several sections around the yard, replacing them with ornamental shrubs that will provide color and interest all year long. However, there is a TON of clean up still to do, which brings me to my main resolution for the new year: STOP PROCRASTINATING with the “less fun” chores. Sometimes I get too caught up in the more glamorous side of gardening…the photos you see on Pinterest of lush gardens abounding in colorful blooms and foliage. But to get to the fun stuff, I’ve got to stop putting off the unpleasant work that neeeds to be done: raking up dead pine needles, pulling up the overgrown vines, gathering and burning dead branches and plants, pulling weeds, tilling, etc. I might just set aside a whole weekend and get it all over with and out of the way. Won’t be fun, but at least afterwards I won’t have to think about it any longer.

What are YOUR resolutions for the new year, particularly with regards to gardening? Leave a comment below, shoot me an email at, or tweet me @thegardendude.

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