Getting figgy with it!

With the onset of overnight low temperatures in the 50s and highs only hitting the 70s lately, fall is now officially here. The summer crops I had going have been pulled up, and the beds re-tilled, and replanted with broccoli, lettuce, spinach, nappa cabbage, and beets. This year, I’m not making the same mistake I made last year in not keeping up with squishing the cabbage worms. I didn’t realize just how voracious an appetite they have, and they turned my kale and cabbage into swiss cheese in no time.

My wife has been dropping hints for a while that she would like a fig tree, and the final impetus for getting one came on a visit to her grandparent’s about a week or two ago. They had a few figs sitting on the counter after dinner, and after tasting one, knew right then and there I had to go get one that week. It was so sweet and juicy! And so, the latest addition to the garden:



Celeste is a variety that is reportedly more cold hardy than others, with slightly smaller fruit that are very sweet (hence, this variety is also called honey fig). Otherwise, it looks like all other cultivars. This winter is forecast to be cold and snowy again, so I will certainly post an update on how this fig tree fares over the winter.

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