A royal pain in the (gr)ass

Have I said how much I HATE Bermuda grass? I did? Oh, well I still hate it. Nothing makes more more ragey in the garden then spending hours and hours stooped over and pulling up seemingly miles of roots, only to have it crawl back in around my veggie and ornamental plants just days later. You can see in the photo below where it’s already returning where I had tilled up the soil. Round-Up is out of the question, since preserving a bee-friendly habitat is the idea. It seems the best I can do is just keep pulling up what I can, and otherwise learn to live with some weediness around the plants. But despite its omnipresence, the perennials I planted there seem to be doing well, and the coreopsis has been flowering nicely (2nd pic).



I’ve had better fortune keeping the Bermuda grass away from the herbs and veggies I planted around the perimeter of the deck. I planted big leaf basil, rosemary, Dark Star™ zucchini, and Perkins long pod okra and are coming along quite nicely.


The salad garden is looking great as well, been collecting a nice harvest of spinach, lettuce, arugula, and kale, though the kale has been infested with cabbage worms (yuck!). Otherwise, I’ve been enjoying fresh greens just outside our back door!


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One Response to A royal pain in the (gr)ass

  1. Alison Rolen says:

    I have Bermuda grass as well. It grows up into my raised boxes even. On top of that, I have been tested as highly allergic to it.

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