Spring has sprung!

Spring is in full force now in Richmond, Virginia. The flowering cherries are at their peak, as are forsythias, with deciduous magnolias and redbuds not far behind. I snapped these pics yesterday before the first lawn mowing of the year. The first is flowering quince, the second I believe is a species of Spirea but am not certain (post a comment if you know what it is!). In any case, a welcome sight after a long, cold, snowy winter.


As far as veggies, my first round of seedlings I started indoors (broccoli, kale, lettuce, and spinach) germinated well enough but then just pooped out so I’m having to scrap that batch and start again (outside in a raised bed this time now that the weather is warm enough) with those, while I start the warm season crops inside. I guess certain crops don’t actually like to be pampered with grow lights. The winter rye cover crop I planted last October is really coming along well. When it reaches flowering stage in May, I’ll cut it down at ground level, let it lay, and use it as a mulch to plant the warm season crops into.

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