Gardening tips for a new year of growing

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone got some garden goodies from Santa. Or money to buy plants! It’s almost January, and it’ll soon be time to get back into the seed catalogs and start planning for the spring (woohoo!). I just got my 2015 catalogs in the mail the other day (Baker Creek Seeds, Southern Exposure, and Seed Savers Exchange).


What I like about these particular catalogs in particular is that they offer heirloom varieties that have been passed down and preserved for generations, many dating back to the 1800 and 1700s, and overall they offer a terrific selection of vegetable varieties. Shipping is quick, and I’ve not had any issues with poor germination. It can be overwhelming at times with hundreds of varieties to choose from, and I’ve learned from past mistakes not to bite off more than I can chew. So I start with one variety of tomato, pepper, squash, etc. and see how those particular varieties work out, and if they do well, then I feel comfortable with adding others.

Another tip, concerning tomatoes. If you plan on growing your tomatoes in pots, I highly recommend only planting determinate types (the kind that produce only 1 main crop of tomatoes, and grow to a certain height and stop), or using a super large pot for indeterminate types (the kind that produce a steady crop all summer long). Last year I had two indeterminate tomatoes (Mortgage Lifter and Cherokee Purple) in only 7 gallon pots, and they really struggled).

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