Apples of my eye!

Just got home a little while ago from spending the day in and around Charlottesville, Virginia. It was our annual trek to Carter Mountain Orchard to do some apple picking, and as always, the view was spectacular from the top of the mountain!


Afterwards, we decided to head over to Albemarle Cider Works, about 20 minutes to the west, off Route 29. Albemarle Cider Works produces dozens of hard ciders made from vintage, heirloom apples like Albemarle Pippen, Suncrisp, and Idared, among others. Additionally, they sell the apples AND (my favorite part) young heirloom apple trees!

Once you’ve tasted an heirloom apple, it’s hard to go back to the ubiquitous Gala, Fuji, Red/Gold Delicious, etc. The flavors of these heirlooms is like nothing I’ve ever tasted, and almost impossible to try to describe here.

photo (1)

Nice to see apple history being preserved and continued. If you want information on growing heirloom apples, may I recommend a great book on the subject: Apples of North America, by apple expert Tom Buford.

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