Weedy characters

Weeding is a routine and normal part of gardening, just like using the restroom. It just has to be done. Having said that, there are just some weeds so prolific and stubborn, they  make you want to rip them out forcefully and throw them into a fire and laugh maniacally while they burn. Such is the case with these weeds that are trying to turn my yard into a jungle:

photo 1

Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana)

The only way to completely get rid of this ubiquitous weed is to get the entire taproot. And good luck with that, as Pokeweed has no problem growing up through just about anything…gravel, cracks in pavement or brick, you name it. The best I can do is just cut it down periodically and not let it produce berries, which are picked up and distributed by birds and animals.
photo 1 (1)(Uncertain of identity, but appears to be some sort of wild vine related to moonflower, in the bean family?)

This has to be the fastest-growing vine I’ve ever seen, and vines stretch for great lengths, wrapping around everything in sight. Again, I can manage to keep it restrained by pulling as much of the vine out as I can, but can’t yet find the roots.
photo 2 (1)(Another one I’m stumped on as far as the identity; it has a strong citrus smell to it and variegated foliage)

The good news about this one is that it is super easy to pull out, the colonizing stems come right out with no resistance. But it does form a dense thicket that spreads like bamboo. I tolerate it somewhat because of the interesting variegated leaves.
photo 2Again, not sure what this one is. Seems to spread by seed, forms small shrubs. Dense, tough root system makes it hard to pull up by hand, unless pulled when still small (less than 10″)

If you can ID any of these weeds, post a comment! Thanks!

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