Wanted: advice from seasoned small growers

As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, my dream is to be a small grower and sell to farmers markets and possibly even a restaurant or two at some point. I feel that, using biointensive methods, I certainly have the land to do it, though probably on a small scale for the time being.

Problem is, how to get there from where I am now. Current obstacles:

  • The large field behind the shed needs to be cleared with a bush hog and leveled, and possibly tilled
  • Irrigating all that land on well water; can the well support it?
  • Weeding! Wire grass is a major problem
  • How to protect that many plants (half an acre) from wildlife

I’d love to get in touch with some small growers who are selling to farmers markets and/or restaurants and gather some research on how to get started! If that’s you, please leave a comment below or email me at thegardendude(at)outlook.com.

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