State of the garden, mid-summer update

Still not a whole lot to speak of going on in the garden. The okra still seems to be the only plant holding up well. Between squash vine borers and the potted plants drying out so frequently with our lack of rain, this year is turning out to be a bit of a disappointment. But then again, life rarely goes according to plan, so you have to always be ready to take some detours. The biggest obstacle right now to a big harvest is lack of ground space for planting in the back yard (the field beyond the shed hasn’t been cleared yet), and that’s because of wire grass spreading everywhere! Vinegar weed spray only slows it down, same with hand pulling. I’m considering just throwing down some layers of newspaper and building a raised bed over it, rather than killing myself digging and pulling.

On a more positive note, the neighbor hauled away the massive debris pile we had accumulated in the back yard, from 2 months of pruning and general clean up after we moved in. With the pile gone, we’ll be able to get some equipment over here soon and start clearing the field out back for future planting! That’s it for now, hope to have better news as we head towards fall. Kale, broccoli, and a few other cool weather crops are on the menu for the few spots of ground presently available.

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