Garden plans, part 2

I’m getting a lot more garden planning done than usual, partly because this is how it has looked outside frequently this winter:



We’ve seen near record low temperatures, in the single digits at times with negative wind chills!

On one of the warmer days, I ran out to Home Depot and bought two of these clamping work lights, for use on a PVC pipe grow light system which I will be putting together soon. Inside each of the lamps, I installed a 120 watt CFL. It looks like these will do the job, though with the large number of seeds I’ll be starting, I might need a third lamp.

lamp lamp2

In mid-March, I’ll get these guys going, this time in individual 4″ peat pots instead of the cell packs, so I don’t have to worry about separating the seedlings out of the medium.



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