Butterfly Bush: A Monster in Disguise

Kentucky Native Plant and Wildlife: Is Butterfly Bush Invasive? Should we plant it in urban areas?.

I strongly urge my fellow gardeners to read this article on why Butterfly Bush should be avoided. It sounds crazy, I know, because it is a beautiful shrub and very durable. But its ability to produce copious amounts of tiny seeds easily distributed far and wide by the wind is reeking serious havoc on ecosystems, displacing important native plants crucial to the survival of wildlife. Yes, there are new cultivars that boast of being sterile and non-invasive, but the same claims were made about the Callary pear tree and new varieties of Purple loosestrife that still managed to produce some seed that escaped and spread those plants like wildfire.

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  1. landscapenc says:

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    Great read about why you should carefully research what you are planting in your yard, rather than just assuming the claims of those who grow the plants. Most in Charlotte have at least one species of invasive plant in their yard (Butterfly Bush anyone?) The easiest option is to trust a landscaping expert that works in your area. Their boots on the ground experience with plants-new and old!-can benefit you greatly in avoiding species that could introduce the problems the Garden Dude outlines here.

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