Lawn care? Meh. Give me garden beds!

When I was still doing landscaping (and even to some extend after I closed down my business), I got a lot of questions from clients about how to rejuvenate tired lawns. I would always offer my best advice and do what I could, of course, through aeration and reseeding, liming and fertilizing. But it was always with a degree of internal reluctance and hesitancy, as I’m not a big believer in spending a lot of time, money, and effort into  preserving big patches of green. I’d much rather see garden beds expanded, or use interesting groundcovers to reduce the amount of water used, and cut down on fertilizer runoff. The cliché is that every manly man takes  pride in having the greenest, thickest, most lush lawn in the neighborhood. But I never felt that way. My pride and joy is my garden of shrubs, perennials, and ornamental trees.


Whenever friends are over, I always hope they’ll inquire about the garden and ask me about the different plants I have out there. Certainly much more interesting than grass. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy some color in the landscape?

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