Reflections on the growing season so far

Not having the best season so far in the vegetable garden. I once again failed to adequately stake/cage my tomato plants and have been dealing with snapped branches, as well as squirrels running off with near-ripe tomatoes. I’ve managed to harvest some good zucchini but a few plants have literally rotted at the stems from the insane amount of rain we’ve had so far this spring and summer. Here’s one of two harvests I’ve gotten so far:

ImageNext spring, I move out to my fiance’s house out in the country, where we have a ton of space in the back yard for a huge garden (roughly half the length of a football field!), in full sun! It’s going to be a nice step up, and in anticipation of those harvests, I’m going to learn how to can. Self-reliance is a big thing with me right now. I’ve been reading the companion book to the movie “Food Inc.” and just finished Joel Salatin’s piece on how Americans have lost touch with local farmers, and have forgotten how to fix their own food. With food and fuel prices soaring ever higher, now’s a great time to live as off-the-grid as possible.


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