Final garden prep

Things are getting busy in the garden. The weather is really delightful now…about 75 to 80 degrees, so I’m taking advantage of it and getting a lot of clean up done. 98% of the garden beds are now clear of leaves, several shrubs have been cut back (including a tangled mess of coral honeysuckle that became too much for the trellis to bear), early weeds pulled, and tomato seedlings transplanted into bigger cow pots. Next up, I need to get these zucchini seedlings transplanted as well…these little guys sprouted quick (less than 4 days!) and already have fairly good root systems that are starting to get crowded.

100_1886These squash plants are ‘Cavili’ (a variety that does not require pollination to set fruit) and ‘Patio Star’ (open, compact habit good for growing in containers) both from Territorial Seed. I’ll move these up to cow pots, then as they grow a little larger, I’ll move them into 2 or 3 gallon GeoPots. This year, I’ll be fertilizing with Neptune’s Harvest fish emulsion/seaweed liquid fertilizer, as I understand it contains a lot of micro-nutrients not found in generic plant food.

Looking forward to this year’s harvest!

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