The wonders of spring

Today was just so wonderful outside it would have been a crime to stay indoors…sunny and mid 60s. So nice, was it, I actually did some raking. Now…I hate leaf work. Hate it. But I can tolerate it during spring when I’m cleaning out the beds and can see all my perennials just starting to poke up through the soil and mulch. After having not much to look at during our four, four and a half months of winter, I’m eager to see all the plants coming back to life. As I raked the beds, hungry birds would fly to the feeders from out of the large red tip Photinia tree in my neighbor’s yard (where I’m more than certain are several nests), zooming over my head without a care except to get those seeds.

It’s when I’m out in the garden on days like this that I forget all my worries and cares and just enjoy everything that God has made.

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