“Buy local” applies to plants too

Just as eating locally grown fruits and vegetables gives you the highest quality food, the same is true when it comes to buying shrubs and trees, particularly species that are native to a broad range of the country, like flowering dogwood and redbud. A shrub or tree that originated from seed grown in the deep South, for example, is not going to be tolerant of colder temperatures in more northern states. Conversely, a tree or shrub originating from seed grown up north will not tolerate the heat and humidity of the deep South. It’s important to try and find out whether a tree or shrub you’re interested in was grown locally. Most of your independent garden centers and nurseries either grow their own stock nearby (within your state, or a neighboring state) or are supplied by a nursery in your state. The big box stores likely shipped their trees and shrubs from long distances. So even thought they may have the lower price, those trees/shrubs may ultimately struggle if they were grown out of your particular region.

Click here to find your local native plant nursery!

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