Seed time!

Stoked. The squash seeds I ordered from Territorial Seed Company came in the mail today. I ordered two varieties of zucchini: “Patio Star” which is a compact plant suitable for containers, and “Cavilli Hybrid” which can set fruit without the aid of bees.


I highly recommend Territorial. In my view they have the best selection and variety of seeds…heirloom, organic, open-pollinated, etc. and their customer service is outstanding. They also ship fast. Their catalogs are full of all the information you need to know on growing great vegetable and herb plants. I also wanted to try heirlooms this year, so I ordered Mortgage Lifter tomato from Seed Savers Exchange, a seed company that specializes in heirlooms. I was astounded at the hundreds of heirlooms that extend across all types of vegetables…tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, broccoli, watermelon, and others. Part of what’s so cool about heirlooms, apart from their unique colors and taste, is you can save the seeds and get the same variety next season. The seeds breed true to type. No need to re-order more seeds. The flip side of the coin is that heirlooms don’t have quite the advantage in disease resistance and heavy yield that the newer hybrids do. I’ll post another update on how these varieties turned out once I get them planted out in April.

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