The Garden Chat

Last night I enjoyed taking part in Garden Chat, a live Twitter chat with other gardeners around the country. We use the hashtag #gardenchat for our “chat room” to to speak. It takes place every Monday night from 9-10pm. It usually consists of about 15 minutes of introductions, greetings, etc. and then the bulk of the chat is Q&A time…sometimes they have featured guests who answer the questions on specific topics, other times the questions are more general about gardening. The chat does tend to move fast, so they always post a transcript afterward on the Garden Chat website.

Last night’s chat was more or less a “kick off” event for the new growing season (though it hasn’t quite started yet for me here in zone 7, about another month to go). Discussion revolved around:

  • What new plants/veggie varieties are you planning to grow this year?
  • Where do you buy your seeds?
  • What garden shows/conferences do you attend?
  • Do you have a favorite gardening magazine?

It’s a lot of fun meeting fellow gardeners and and sharing tips and ideas. Join in sometime!

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